Gas Utilities Products
Through strategic sourcing and sound procurement methods, Agile provides our customers with a comprehensive offering of pipe, valves, fittings, meters, meter parts and components.



Agile Sourcing Partners is the value added reseller of advanced metering materials for SoCalGas’ Advanced Meter project, the largest advanced metering infrastructure project in the nation. The project installation schedule is a five year duration from 2012 to 2017. Over the course of the installation schedule, Agile will procure, warehouse and distribute six million meter transmission units (MTUs) to 20 installation bases throughout SoCalGas’ approximately 20,000 square mile service territory.


Agile is the warehouse hub for the project, warehousing 90 days safety stock of all project related materials and equipment. This includes gas metering equipment (gas meters and MTUs), meter set assembly parts (elbows, tees, swivels, nuts, nipples) and regulators, as well as all tools, PPE, cylinders, valves and specialty equipment. This also includes all of the data network poles – concrete, wood, steel and aluminum. Everything required to install the advanced meters is warehoused and distributed by Agile for this project.


Agile works very close with SoCalGas and its subcontractors to help ensure installers have the tools and supplies they need to install the advanced meter equipment. To support this effort, Agile has designed a custom web portal enabling SoCalGas to procure and requisition materials from Agile warehouses via the web. Upon receipt of a purchase or requisition order from SoCalGas, Agile distributes the advanced metering materials to SoCalGas and its subcontractors.